Is Condo the Right Choice for You? Here Are the Common Reasons Why People Choose It

Thursday , 11, July 2019 Leave a comment

Now, the lifestyle of people, especially those who live in the center of the city is getting bigger. In the past, the site occupancy was a compulsory and prestigious residence, not with the millennial era. Today, some people actually prefer to live in an apartment rather than on a landed house. Apparently, the following reasons are what causes people to prefer to live in an apartment rather than a landed house. Have you tried to know what is mayfair gardens condo can provide you no matter how many condo options available out there?

1. Prices are more affordable

Buying a landed house today certainly requires a very large amount of money. Even then you will find it difficult to find a house in a big city. With a condo, which is currently offered by many developers, of course, the price will be much cheaper than a landed house.

2. No need for domestic servants

Today, finding a household assistant is very difficult. Lots of housemaids who don’t last long. Only a few months have resigned or returned home and never returned. Most apartments today offer many services cleaning the apartment according to the needs of residents so that residents no longer need to bother looking for household assistants. That way, cleaning the apartment will be easier and more practical.

3. Complete facilities

Well, the reason this one seems to dominate the reason why people prefer mayfair gardens. In the apartment, the facilities are usually complete starting from the gym, swimming pool, mini market, barbeque area, jogging track and even child care. Not to mention that sometimes the building is a mixed-use concept so that apartment buildings merge with malls and other commercial areas.

4. Strategic Location

This one reason is also often a factor for people to buy an apartment. Because their home is far away, finally they are looking for a residence near the office but at an affordable price. Therefore, the apartment is one of the favorite dwellings because of its usual location close to the center of activity or at least close to toll road access or public transportation such as KRL, MRT or LRT so as to facilitate their mobility.

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