The First Range Rover Is Almost Forgotten And Burned

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Today, the Range Rover is known as one of the world’s toughest vehicle icons. In its journey, various histories have been inscribed by the vehicles of the British manufacturer’s alerts. So, what is the story of the first production vehicle from the Range Rover itself? It was ready to be sold through the Silverstone auction house next month, this SUV with chassis code # 001 has a unique history. Unexpectedly, the old vehicle was lost, forgotten, and survived the fire. In the meantime, if you need to rent a good Range Rover car, we only recommend you to rent it from a licensed and trusted range rover hire uk.

This first car was never sold commercially. Initially, the Land Rover gave it to Michael Furlong. Furlong himself is an ad producer who is believed to promote the iconic British SUV.

After moving from Furlong’s hand, this Range Rover then changed owners several times. Finally, the production plaque was eliminated to disguise the original identity of the car which was actually this prototype.

After decades of ‘disappearing’, the Land Rover managed to trace the existence of the Range Rover. In the early 1990s, conditions were quite alarming, due to lack of care and loss of original identity due to repainted in different colors.

As a result, after buying it back, the manufacturer restored the historic Range Rover to its original condition. Reconditioning is carried out including by re-pinning the production placard that confirms the vehicle’s identity and original base color, olive green.

Now, after being saved for 23 years, the Land Rover intends to auction off one of its historic collections. For the record, this Range Rover is one of the vehicles that survived a fire in the Range Rover storage warehouse. The incident itself has consumed several rare collections belonging to the British manufacturer.

For the first version of the Range Rover, the Land Rover is ready to release it to consumers who are willing to give a dowry of 100 thousand pounds.

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