The Use Of Piles

Tuesday , 9, July 2019 Leave a comment

Piles or ไมโครไพล์ are generally used for:

– To lift construction loads on the ground into or through a layer of soil. In this case, vertical loads and lateral loads may be involved

– To oppose upward force, rolling style, such as for the palm of the basement below the plane of saturated water or to support the legs of the tower

– Compresses loose-free, non-cohesive deposits through a combination of displacement of the pile contents and vibrations of impulse. This stake can be pulled out later

– In offshore construction to carry loads above the water surface through water and into the soil that underlies the water. This is about the piles which are placed as and which are affected by both vertical (and bending) and lateral loads.

– Controls deflection when the scattered legs or palm are on the edge of the ground or are based on a layer with high compression.

– As a safety factor for growth under the bridge and or pear, especially if erosion is a potential problem.

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