This Is The Working Principle Of The Thermal Imaging Camera

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Each infrared object’s temperature is released, a thermal imager is receiving infrared light made by a certain object, by the color of the image to display the surface temperature on the surface of an object which is being measured, according to a small temperature difference to find an abnormal temperature point, play, and maintenance role. Also known as an infrared thermal imager. In the meantime, if you want to buy an affordable thermal imaging camera, you must check out the cheapest thermal imaging camera.

The work of a thermal imaging camera is thermal infrared imaging technology. The point is a thermal imager, this is a very small temperature sensor to detect temperature differences, the temperature difference being a real-time video image displayed. But only to see people and hot corridor objects, they cannot see the true face of the object.

How this camera works

Natural light from different wavelengths of light wave combinations, the range of the human eye seen is approximately 390-780nm, shorter than 390nm electromagnetic waves and 780nm longer than electromagnetic waves, the human eye cannot feel it. Where electromagnetic waves whose wavelengths are less than 390nm are outside the visible purple spectrum, called ultraviolet light; Electromagnetic waves longer than 780nm are located outside the visible red spectrum, called infrared light, and the bands are from 780nm to 1mm.

Infrared is the wavelength between microwaves and visible light between electromagnetic waves, with radio and visible light of the same nature. In the nature of all temperatures above absolute zero (-273.15 degree Celsius) from objects that are continuously emitted infrared, this phenomenon is called thermal radiation. Infrared thermal imaging technology is the use of micro-thermal radiation detectors, optical imaging lenses and optical scanning systems to receive target infrared radiation signals, after spectral filtering, spatial filtering to focus the energy distribution patterns of infrared radiation reflected in infrared detector light elements. That is, the infrared thermal image of the measured object is scanned and focused on a unit or spectral detector, infrared radiation can be converted into an electrical signal by an amplification process, converted into a standard video signal through a TV screen or monitor screen of the infrared thermal image.

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