You May Try These 4 Simple Ways To Clean Marble Tiles

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The easiest way to clean marble tiles is to use a special marble cleanser. The liquid does not contain acids that can erode the surface of the marble. However, there are also some simple ingredients that can be used to clean marble tiles. Aside from that, if you’re too busy to clean your marble tiles by yourself, you can simply call the best

Here are 4 simple ways to clean marble tiles:

1. Ammonia

A safe way to clean marble is to use an alkaline solution. It’s because the solution of alkaline will purify the marble. Ammonia is actually an alkaline solution that can be produced by combining 1 tablespoon of ammonia with cup water, the clean one. Mix and stir those ingredients together and use them on the marble tile by gently rubbing them. When finished, rinse with clean water and immediately dry with a dry mop with soft fibers. Ammonia is also effective for cleaning fat stains and oil.

2. Baking soda

Baking soda is also an alkaline material. Baking soda can clean the surface of marble tiles. How to clean marble with baking soda is to mix baking soda with water to form a solution. Stir the solution and apply the solution to the surface of the marble tile. When finished, rinse with clean water and immediately dry so that no traces are left behind.

3. Powder

The powder is a simple material for cleaning marble tiles from scattered stains, especially oil stains. Powder that can absorb oil and fat can be sprinkled on dirty areas. Let stand for a while until the oil seeps into the powder. When finished, remove the powder by using clean water. Make sure there are no leftovers or traces left behind. When it’s finished, dry it immediately.

4. The special marble cleaning fluid

There are also marble cleaning fluids on the market. Use the liquid in the right way and according to the rules printed on each package. Use a microfiber cloth to apply for this marble cleansing medicine. Dry after cleaning.

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